HDC Starter Kit

HDC Starter Kit

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Hello there! We are proud to introduce to you, the Hanken Design Co. Starter Kit!

This collection features 9 versatile typefaces (22 fonts) from Hanken Design Co. to utilise for creating a typographic sketch of an overall design or for implementing to an actual project. Fonts such as Radnika Next and Serif 420 have a very classical feel. Cerebri Sans Pro and Suprapower are the modern duo and will be great substitutes for the commonly used typefaces out there in the mainstream. A Hanken Design Co. Guide to Pairing is included in this kit to help kickstart a designer in the usage of HDC fonts.

This Kit Contains:

  • HDC Font Pairing Guide
  • HDC Starter Kit Document
  • Typefaces (Desktop-only fonts in Opentype file format):
    1. Suprapower-Heavy.otf
    2. Serif420-Italic.otf
    3. Serif420-Regular.otf
    4. Reminisce-Regular.otf
    5. Polarity-Bold.otf
    6. Polarity-Oblique.otf
    7. Polarity-Regular.otf
    8. RadnikaNext-Bold.otf
    9. RadnikaNext-Italic.otf
    10. RadnikaNext-Regular.otf
    11. Reminisce-Bold.otf
    12. Reminisce-Italic.otf
    13. HKNova-Bold.otf
    14. HKNova-Light.otf
    15. HKNova-Regular.otf
    16. HKGothicNo2-Bold.otf
    17. HKGothicNo2-Regular.otf
    18. HKCompression-HeavyCondensedItalic.otf
    19. CerebriSansPro-Regular.otf (Legacy Version*)
    20. HKCompression-HeavyCondensed.otf
    21. CerebriSansPro-Italic.otf (Legacy Version*)
    22. CerebriSansPro-Bold.otf (Legacy Version*)

*Legacy Version: before the 2020 Edition.

HDC Starter Kit
HDC Starter Kit
HDC Starter Kit
HDC Starter Kit
HDC Starter Kit
HDC Starter Kit
HDC Starter Kit
HDC Starter Kit
HDC Starter Kit