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Fonts in Use: HK Grotesk

fonts in use hk grotesk sans serif text face typeface versatile

Brand identity created for a wedding photographer.Dee, the person behind the Finder Seeker brand, is a wedding photographer with a very warm and personal approach and a talent for capturing moments of raw emotions. She wanted her new branding to reflect her style and personality, to already give clients a glimpse of what working with her like. There originated a fresh color scheme, an icon of a face squinting into the shutter. These come paired with classy typography, to give the identity a touch of nonchalant elegance. — Designer: alishu & coTypeface: HK Grotesk & Ogg

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Typeface Release: Okomito Next

headline new okomito perpendicular sans serif swiss text text face title typeface versatile vertical workhorse

Okomito Next™ is a sans serif inspired by the classic typefaces that were imbued with a sense of functionality, boldness and industrial strength.

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Suprapower™ Typeface

heavy new one weight sans serif single suprapower typeface wide

Suprapower™ is a wide typeface for poster, packaging, headline, and titles. It has only two styles: heavy wide solid and heavy wide outline.

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